Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Catching Up: Guest Chef w/ Jonathan Luce of Bellanico

Chef Jonothan Luce of Bellanico in Oakland came to cook with, inspire and ultimately hire our Kitchen of Champions students in late 2009. Here are some pictures taken by the talented Brian Espinosa.

Chef Jonathan Luce briefs the FOH crew on the evening's menu

Kitchen of Champions graduate Obie speaks about his experience with SVdP and subsequent successes in the workforce as a kitchen manager.

Students prepare the first course

A standing ovation for another wonderful Guest Chef

Sous Chef instruction

Chef Luce poses with the front of the house staff, which is mostly comprised of KOC graduates coming back in support of the program

Looks like sage to me


Chef Luce praises the staff


FOH briefing

A look at our Free Dining Room's conversion

Chef-Instructor Michael Stamm lends a hand

Chef Stamm

Even staff roll up their sleeves for the night

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